Asha Seattle is looking for volunteers to fill stewards, coordinator roles and events that are key to the functioning of Asha Seattle chapter.Please contact us if you are interested in contributing to any of the roles below.

Events that need volunteers

Event NameDateCoordinator contactVolunteers needed
AllGoRhythms & AakritiSepĀ 16-17Sridhar D5-10

Roles that need volunteers

RoleProject# of positions openContactAdditional Contact
Website CoordinatorCoordination
PR CoordinatorCoordination
Project CoordinatorCoordination
Secondary StewardProject WHY1seattle.projects@ashanet.orgAmol Agarwal
Secondary StewardCMS2seattle.projects@ashanet.orgSuma Mondal
Secondary StewardMuskan1seattle.projects@ashanet.orgGarima
Secondary StewardAvehi Abacus;Mumbai,
Secondary StewardBhoomiheen Seva Samiti;Allahabad,
Secondary StewardHadassah Welfare Association;Hyderabad,
Secondary StewardNeel Bagh Trust – Sumavanam; Madanpalle,
Secondary StewardNeel Bagh Trust – Vikasana Rural Centre for Education; Bangalore,
Secondary StewardSivasri Charitable Trust – Sikshana; Bangalore,
Secondary StewardV-Excel Education – Education & Vocation for Special Children; Chennai,