Balaji Sridharan

“Climb the mountain so you can see the world, not so the world can see you”

I took this mantra to heart around 2 years ago when I was in Boston and desperately looking for a change, a change of job, a change of scenery, a change.
My interview in Seattle was thankfully on a sunny day and while driving on the freeway, I caught a glimpse of a beautiful mountain. The mantra was of course allegorical, to do things for the sake of learning, the sake of joy and not for the sake of glory or fame, but in my head it was literal and ever since I wanted to climb Rainier.
Last year, before I was aware of Asha’s climb program, I signed up with another local guiding company to summit Rainier, but I was sure the next time Asha organizes this climb, I shall sign up because it was for a cause I truly care about, Education and here I am.
Seeing the world from 14400 feet changed me. Each step I took, I realized how privileged I was to afford this, to afford to come to the United States, to afford an education. I have come to understand that privilege plays a giant invisible role in our lives which is why I decide to support Asha, whose mission statement is “catalyze socio-economic change in India through the education of underprivileged children”.
Why support me?
I have paid my dues to the guiding company taking us this year. So this, in essence is a call to support Asha for Education. I implore you to support Asha because I have seen up close the impact it has as an organization and the need for such organizations.
The reason education is one of the most important services that must be universally available is because education is the key to a better world. Education, as John Dewey observed, is not just a part of life but life itself. For any society to be successful the weak and the vulnerable need to have control over their lives for which education is one of the first and important steps.
Asha and it’s volunteers are rendering an amazing service to make this possible. Asha is a completely volunteer driver organization with a perfect rating from Charity Navigator.
Gravis, a project of Asha’s which will be supported by your proceeds, supports about 1.2 million people living in over 1,300 remote villages in Rajasthan and Uttarakhand.
In drought affected areas, girls are tasked with carrying water and firewood from long distances. As a result, they often drop out of schools to help in contributing to household income or take over domestic responsibilities. GRAVIS helps in developing an area specific model focusing on water security, health care and education to benefit the rural communities. This has helped the girls of the village pursue education that they would’ve otherwise been denied.

Here is an independent evaluation of the Asha supported work done by GRAVIS since 2008.

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I am looking forward to your support and your wishes.
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