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Team Asha is a premier endurance sports training program organized by Asha for Education (Asha).

  • It provides the necessary coaching and support system for both the experienced and beginner athletes
  • Team Asha Seattle has three different programs: Running, Biking and Climbing
  • Hosts workshops on apparel, nutrition, and equipment
  • It raises funds for projects supported by Asha in India
  • These programs is completely driven by volunteers who are passionate about the cause of Asha for Education

Team Asha Seattle’s Running program is a fundraiser for Asha for Education Seattle, where participants train together and take part in various local running events ranging from 5K/10K to Half/Full/Ultra marathons! Our runners have successfully trained for events including the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon, the Seattle Marathon, the Snohomish Marathon, and more. We also organize our own running events every year to fundraise for Asha, like our 2023 Run To Educate 5K/10K. We hope you’ll join us to fulfill your dreams and support a great cause!

Team Asha Seattle’s Biking program is a fundraiser for Asha for Education Seattle, where participants train together and take part in various endurance biking events like STP (Seattle to Portland), RSVP (Seattle to Vancouver), and more! Participants experience the unique challenge and inspiration of training for and cycling cross-country, while raising funds for a good cause and meeting people with similar goals. It is a true opportunity for tremendous personal accomplishment and a tangible contribution to the cause that can be taken up by people from all walks of life!

Team Asha Seattle’s Climbing program is a fundraiser for Asha for Education Seattle, where participants train together all spring and summer for summit attempts to some of the biggest peaks in the Pacific northwest like Mt Rainier, Mt Baker, Mt Olympus, Mt Adams and St Helens. Participants start with different hiking experiences and by the end of training season, experience some of the unique challenges in glacier climbs and become mountaineers, while raising funds for a good cause. We hope you’ll join us!

Facts and Fundraising details

  • Team Asha comprises of various professionals in the hi-tech industry, doctors, lawyers, students, stay-at-home moms and accomplished athletes.
  • One does not have to be an accomplished athlete, or at peak fitness level to join the team. In fact, majority of our athletes are new to any of of these endurance sports.
  • Both men and women participate in our program and range from 22 to over 50 years of age.

Every endurance training program has its own fundraising requirements, explained it detail on the program page. If you are worried about fundraising, we invite you to come to our info session and/or talk to our program coordinators and coaches.
  • All the money raised through this program gets distributed among 20+ NGOs that we work with across India.
  • Donors like you help us ensure that kids don’t just attend school and they actually learn. We support our project partners in India who have diverse education needs – it could be a supplementary school, school with special needs, vocational training classes or digital education.
  • To learn more about our projects and locations, please visit
  • Asha for Education is a 100% transparent and volunteer driven organization. Every single $ you raise is dispersed to our projects. All the coaches volunteer to train athletes for no cost and many of them fundraise as well.
  • Some of our projects:

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  1. Start your fundraising early – this helps in reaching out to more people and raise way more than your minimum target.
  2. Some of the employers in the area do company matching. All your donations by their employee can be doubled by applying for company match. Check here if your company has a donation matching program.
  3. Every single hour you volunteer for ANY NGO can be used towards your fundraising through ‘volunteer hour grants’.
  4. Another great way to raise funds is to organize a lunch sale at your workplace or in your friends circle. You also get a chance to explain about various projects Asha supports. Read this article to see how a Alumni raised funds.
  5. Lose your inhibitions – you are asking people to donate for a great cause. It’s important to explain why you are training through Team Asha and how proud your donors should be because they are helping every child in leading a better life!
  6. If you are artsy & crafty, this will be an amazing way to show your talent. You can ask people to donate towards your fundraiser for every item you sell.
  7. General donations to Asha for Education by the athlete in the same fiscal year before the deadline can be accounted towards ‘fundraising target’. (donations to fundraising campaigns such as Work An Hour, Support A Child etc and events will not be considered).
  8. Tips from our Asha alumni. Be sure to attend our fundraising clinic to learn more!
This is a very valid concern that every new member of Team Asha has. We will help you with ideas, materials, fundraising clinics etc to help you with your fundraising. Till date, more than 80% of our athletes have raised more than the minimum fundraising targets.
Team Asha mentors and other Asha volunteers will work with you throughout the program and beyond to help you honor your pledge of raising the target amount. Please see this program as a means of supporting and encouraging the underprivileged children and not simply an endurance training program. Without your fundraising efforts, it would be difficult for Asha to continue supporting these projects. We urge you to do your best to honor your commitment in helping these children. If in the end you still fail to reach the target then you are required to cover the balance by yourself.
See ‘Where do the funds go?’ tab here.
We encourage you to look at our individual program and event page for FAQs on that.