Team Asha Biking

Team Asha Biking program is a fundraiser for Asha for Education, Seattle where participants take part in various races (like STP etc). Participants experience the unique challenge and inspiration of training for and cycling cross-country while raising funds for a good cause. It is a true opportunity for tremendous personal accomplishment and a tangible contribution to the cause that can be taken up by people from all walks of life.

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2020 Season

If the COVID pandemic has taught us anything, it is to adapt!!

Owing to COVID- 19, the 2020 Cascade Bicycle Club’s Seattle to Portland (STP) bike ride is cancelled. In a normal year, this ride is the focal point of the annual fundraising done by the Asha Biking Team. This cancellation surely disheartened us but definitely did not discourage us. It in fact motivated us to adapt and innovate! The Asha Biking Team has created the “Centurion Challenge” which is a collective fundraising effort by riding Indoors and Outdoors. Click on the link below to see how “You” can make a difference by participating and donating!!

Click here to donate via our 2020 fundraising page.