Team Asha Running

Train to Educate

Team Asha Running Program is excited to announce our new 2023 Running training and Yoga & Strength training programs. We offer tailored programs and plans for all levels of runners to suit your goals, whether it be an Ultra marathon, Full Marathon or Half Marathon, or any other running goal. Team Asha Running has successfully trained many runners for events including the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon, the Seattle Marathon, the Snohomish Marathon, and more.

We also offer Yoga & Strength training classes to help you achieve and maintain your fitness. These classes have extensive stretches and more, to help you run without pain or long-term injuries. The Yoga & Strength training classes have been running successfully via Zoom since March 2020.

Our Running training and Yoga & Strength training programs are a great way to support the education of underprivileged children in India, while completing your goals.

Team Asha Running has a certified coach and experienced mentors to guide you and provide individualized plans to achieve your fitness goals strongly.

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Training ComponentFundraising Commitment
Running, Strength Training:Individual- $400Family of 2 Adults- $700
Yoga, Strength TrainingIndividual- $500 Family of 2 adults- $800
Running, Strength Training and YogaIndividual- $600Family of 2 Adults- $1000

Our Coach

Our Coach, Sankara Narayanan is an accomplished runner with consistent running history for 12 years. Here is his bio.

  • Accomplished runner
  • Certified Distance Running Coach – Level 1 – Certified RRCA (Road Running Club of America)
  • 200-hour Certified Yoga instructor from Yoga Alliance and Bellevue Community College
  • 300-hour Certified Yoga Instructor specializing in Advanced Sequences and Breathing practices from SVYASA University Bangalore
  • Read more about him here: Sankara Narayanan Venkataraman

2023 Schedule

  • Running 5K/10K/Full/Half/Ultra Marathon training program – Main targets for March, June/July, October, and December
  • Strength training (via Zoom) –Tuesday, Thursday 6:00 am to 7:00 am PST
  • Yoga classes (via Zoom) – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday  6:00am to 7:00am PST