Amrit Panda

Why Asha?

‘Asha’ means hope and, I believe, that no matter what circumstance someone is in, they deserve a fair chance to dream. Asha helps provide children in India with the hope to a better future through better education, skills development and health assistance. I want to work hand in hand with Asha in this effort to better the lives of children in India.

Why Climbing?

Hiking/Climbing has always had a very special place in my heart. It is not only my way to get closer to nature and appreciate the privilege we have but it also has been a great healer in tough times. It truly is my preferred mode of meditation. I am attempting to summit Mt. Rainier this year and I am doing it in partnership with Team Asha. This is a challenge I have set for myself to achieve the strength, resilience and skills required to climb the highest mountain of the Cascade range. But, more importantly, in committing to raise a substantial amount of funds to make a significant difference in the lives of some children in India. Having had the privilege to good education in a country like India this is very important to me. With the teams and infrastructure that Asha has, I am confident that the funds raised will go a long way.

Can I do it?

Asha Climbing program has a competitive selection process so it was very encouraging to get into the program.

Mentally, I think I cannot wait for the climb.

Physically, I’m currently working on my conditioning. I’m out training every weekend with Team Asha along the corridors of I-90 and also out with the Mountaineers for mid-week night hikes on Tiger mountain. I’m a current student with the Mountaineers in a Alpine scrambling course which will aid my efforts and thanks to Miyar Adventures for having us covered on the technical climbing front.

Asha training also includes Mt. St. Helen’s, Mt. Adams and Mt. Baker prior to the final climb.

How you can help?

My goal is to raise $1,500 and I will need all the help I can get in getting to my goal. Your support will go a long way in both providing me with encouragement and in the support that we can provide together to Asha in their great efforts. Note that all the funds raised will go directly to Asha, I’ll be bearing my own expenses related to gears, guide fees etc.

Whatever amount you choose to donate, it will be an honor for me.

How to donate?

  • On this page by clicking Donate button
  • Preferred option for Microsoft Employees: Via http://give by selecting “Asha for Education, Seattle Chapter” and adding a comment “Team Asha Climb – 2018 – Amrit Panda”. Please let me know if you donate here, so that I can track it. This will also provide an additional match from Microsoft 🙂
  • A check made to “Asha For Education”. Please include “Team Asha Climb – 2018 – Amrit Panda” in the memo.
  • Cash that you can hand over to me – I will donate it on http://give through the Microsoft employees program for the best match.


What you will get in return?

Besides getting a tax exemption on your donation, my wife has kindly volunteered to make sure you get some ‘Thank you’ baked goodies as a small token of my gratitude for you (if you are in the Seattle area)!


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