Bhooshan Dixit

I come from a sports-loving and sports enthusiasts family where being active and physical fitness was always encouraged and supported. Right from early childhood, I used to play various sports such as table tennis, badminton, and competitive tennis etc. I always had interest in cycling mainly because of watching the Tour de France and the extraordinary skills
of the cyclists that compete in that race. Up until last year, I was riding on and off on my road bike, do not more than 30-40 miles a week and never had done group rides.
Last year, I decided to get serious and my beloved wife introduced me to team ASHA. I started training for the Seattle to Portland event, aka, STP with some great bunch of folks and made a lot of friends along the way. The rigorous yet highly enjoyable training program with Team Asha helped me finish the STP over a span of 2 days.

This year, I have decided to challenge myself to finish the STP in 1 day. Extra motivation to finish it in 1 day comes from the fact that the Wimbledon final and the soccer world cup final is on the 2nd day of the STP and being a crazy sports fan, I don’t want to miss watching those events. 🙂

Why I did I choose to train with Asha?
There are many training programs for STP or other biking events, but ASHA for education is a 100% non-profit, completely volunteer-driven organization. The support many education programs for the underprivileged children in India and one such program is “AVEHI” which supplements to the primary education of over 95000 students per year.It serves as a post-literacy programme for children between the ages of 10 and 16.

Any small amount helps this incredible organization to continue to fund such important programs. I have been training with Team Asha for over 2 years with the primary intention of raising funds to support their cause. This year, my goal is to raise $500. Your donations will help me achieve my goals. Even small amounts go a long way.

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