Manasi Velhankar 2019

Hello! I am Manasi Velhankar and I will be biking 206 miles from Seattle to Portland as part of STP 2019 on July 13-14, while trying to raise funds for Asha!

Being the daughter of a retired university professor, education has always been important in my family. But I know that there are many kids in India who aren’t as privileged and for whom even basic primary level education is a luxury. Asha’s mission of catalyzing socio-economic change in India through education of under privileged children has always been close to my heart. Over the past 10 years, I have volunteered for various Asha related events and supported it in multiple ways, but I feel that I can make a larger impact by participating in their training program and by trying to raise funds for their cause.

On a more personal front, I wasn’t very physically active as a kid. But I have been blessed with a husband and several close friends who have inspired me over the years to participate more and more in endurance activities and I really appreciate the overall positive impact it has on my physical and mental fitness. So, I want to use this as an opportunity to raise awareness with my kids about socio-economic challenges, teach them to be more empathetic and also motivate them to stay physically fit starting at an early age.

Why do I support ‘Asha for Education’?

Asha is a “minimal overhead” organization, driven by volunteers (including the administrative expenses) ensuring that more than 95% of your donations are sent to our partner groups in India. Asha for Education has consistently secured a 100% rating on Charity Navigator, a well established database that evaluates non-profit organizations on the basis of transparency, accountability and financial parameters.

I am requesting you to make whatever contribution you think is appropriate. Any amount no matter how small helps to provide a brighter future for someone in need. All donations are tax deductible, and the organization is registered with many corporate employers for donation matching programs. My goal is to raise $500. I am committing to match that amount dollar for dollar up to $500. Also, thanks to my employer – Microsoft, they will match my donation as well, so your donation to Asha will effectively be tripled!

You can use any of these alternatives to make your contribution:
1. Donate through my Facebook fundraising page
2. On this webpage by clicking “Donate” button. Remember to mention “2019 Asha Bike Program – for Manasi Velhankar”
3. (For Microsoft employees) through http://give
– Go to http://give
– Click on “My Giving Portal”
– Click on “Option 1: Search for a cause”
– In the Find a Cause box, search for “Asha for Education – Seattle Chapter”
– Click Donate Now
– Add “2019 ASHA Bike Program – for Manasi Velhankar” in the comments

Thank you so much for your support!



500 USD Target
500 USD Raised
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Contact Us

For checks/donations:
Asha for Education, Seattle Chapter,
PO Box 888080
Los Angeles, CA 90088 – 8080

For General communication:
Asha for Education, Seattle Chapter, PO Box 2407, Redmond, WA 98052
Phone: 214-354-3101

Tax Status

Asha for Education is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization.
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