Manoj Namodurai

“We make a LIVING by what we get, But we make a LIFE by what we give”.

About Me:

Two things which will make up my life even in the most dreadful situations are Hiking and making videos out of my adventures. I was really excited when I moved to Seattle which has a magnificent snow-capped mountain backdrop and definitely the best place which will feed my passions. Believe me the thrilling experience, beauty of the nature and the soul’s solitude will make you addicted. Despite the climatic conditions and the hardships undergone completing each trail, the feeling of being close to nature make me go further and further.

Few of my notable previous trials are Mount Baker, Mount St Helens, Mount St Adams, Colchuck peak, Rattlesnake Ledge, Mount Si, Mailbox, Teneriffe etc., Check for my videos in the below link. Am sure you will enjoy watching it.

Recently when I came to know about Asha and realized that my passion can illuminate someone’s life, I felt excited.

About Asha:

Asha is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to bringing about socio-economic change in India primarily through education.

Now I feel blessed that my zeal can contribute for the betterment of the life of children in India by taking part in “Team Asha Climb program” of summitting Mt. Rainier.

I will be fund raising for Asha for Education  and my fund-raising goal is $1500. Please note that all my expenses like mountain climbing gear, travel, guide etc., are self-funded. 100% of the donations to Asha go directly to funding projects and are completely tax exempted.

Investment in knowledge pays the best interest and I will assure you that your investment will bring a positive change in someone’s life.

What you will get in return is more facts, details and tips about hiking. In case hiking is not your cup of coffee then I am sure you will be left with a feeling of satisfaction and sense of pride about yourselves.

How to donate:

  • You can donate using the ‘Donate’ button on this webpage and kindly mention “Team Asha Climb 2018: Manoj Namodurai”. Also let me know when you donate to help me track the payment.
  • Microsoft Employees can also donate via http://give and please do not forget to add the comment “Team Asha Climb 2018: Manoj Namodurai”. Also, kindly intimate me so that I can keep a track of the same.

Hope this will bring happiness to me, you and someone right there in the western part of India.

Thanks for your time.


1500 USD Target
325 USD Raised
2 Supporters
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For checks/donations:
Asha for Education, Seattle Chapter,
PO Box 398080
San Francisco, CA 94139 - 8080

For General communication:
Asha for Education, Seattle Chapter, PO Box 2407, Redmond, WA 98073-2407
Phone: 206-321-9456

Tax Status

Asha for Education is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization.
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