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Each year begins with new resolutions, goals and commitments. For the last couple of years I’ve chosen to volunteer and help raise funds for Asha, a non-profit organization in India that aim to better the lives of the less fortunate, disabled and under privileged, through various social activities. This year, I’ve challenged myself to take a giant leap with my passion for adventure and mix it up with a social cause that I believe in.

The Pacific Northwest is bountiful with picturesque snow clad mountains, multitude of islands, wildlife and three amazing national parks. But very few attractions match the beautiful sight of the majestic Mt.Rainier. My goal this year, is to summit this daunting 14,411ft peak and piggyback this unique opportunity with a project to help the disabled children in India.

This is my first ever technical snow climb, and I’ve been training hard since the beginning of the year towards my goal. I am working with trained professionals from a local adventure company. I have personally covered the cost of the climb, gear etc. But I need your support to raise funds for the Asha project. The project I pledge my support to is named Astha. Coming from a country like India, where the disabled have an extremely bleak future in any aspect of life, the financial and social independence enjoyed by people with similar life challenges in the US, has always moved me.

Although a large part of this difference is due to population, I also believe that poor education, scarcity of compassion, resources and opportunities, have an impacting role. Project Astha, aims to build a strong foundation by developing essential skills thus instill hope into men and women who feel rejected due to their disabilities. My aim is to raise $750 toward the project and I can’t do this alone.

You can help me, by clicking the donate button. No amount is too small or too big, $10 or $100, it all adds up to provide a bright future for someone in need. With your donation, don’t forget to add the following comment “Team Asha Climber 2017 – Pushkar”. Thank you for your support.

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