Radhika Pai

I have been living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest for over 18 years now and consider myself very fortunate to be surrounded with such abundance of nature. I have been hiking for the last several years and have fallen in love with the trails and the mountains, each special in its own unique way. This year, I am hoping to raise the bar for myself, by taking on the challenge of climbing Mount Baker with Team Asha. Call it a mid-life crisis or the pursuit of a soul satisfying goal; but it sure is exciting; both the final destination as well as the journey to accomplish it. What makes this climb even more special is that I will also raise money for Asha which is catalyzing socio-economic change in India through education.

How can you help?

My goal is to raise a minimum of $2,500 for Asha and I really need your support to accomplish this. Your donations towards this cause will be a huge motivating factor.  It will help me push myself more to train harder and overcome any physical limitations or mental inhibitions that I may face.

Please note that I have paid 100% of my dues to cover the climbing costs, the guide services as well as the personal gear required for this climb. Every dollar that you donate goes directly to “Asha for Education”

I really appreciate your help. Thank you so very much.

What is Asha For Education ?

Asha is a non-profit voluntary organization working on more than 400 projects in India over the last 23 years disbursing over $32.3 million – all towards the mission of ‘Socio-economic equality through the education of underprivileged children ‘. There are thousands of villages in India and other parts of the world where education does not reach kids – for social, economic and cultural reasons. Asha has been playing an impactful role in providing education to such children.

GRAVIS is one of their special projects which focuses on improving the socio-economic conditions of villagers in Thar Desert of Western India. It is providing child and adult education, forming women self-help groups, establishing water harvesting wells, organizing health camps and so on.

No donation is big or small. Every single penny counts so kindly do donate.

My heartfelt thanks for supporting Asha and donating towards this worthy and noble cause.

1500 USD Target
1726 USD Raised
19 Supporters
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Asha for Education is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization.
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