Rajesh Chittamuri

Life is full of surprises from the time we take Birth but I always believed there is always a choice you can make to better the experience.

I have seen a complete circle of life in the past 10 years almost from birth to death, having spent wonderful years with my wife then to see her eaten away slowly by a dreadful cancer, to see our happy life being snatched away from us, really took everything I had but i was showing immense incredible strength.The fact that I wasn’t able to process which never let me cry or even understand took me into a really dark space, lost myself and hope but kids kept me going until One day my daughter asked if we could go onto mountains, we went together and everything changed for good . Thereafter these mountains helped me breath, grieve, recover for better future, focus all my negative energy into something constructive,challenges got me stronger than i thought , journey’s had built my character turned me more into human than i was and i could finally take a rebirth in the nature’s womb to live a life of hope,to inspire, to challenge myself more and have fun  🤩 Bonus gave me some amazing friends for life. I am obsessed, addicted, ambitious but I hike to feed my soul.


I am able to pursue my passions and live the  life I dreamt because I had an opportunity to educate myself, thanks to my parents for their vision.Thought why not I hike for cause and help make an impact with it. This search led me to Asha. Asha Seattle chapter primarily focuses on providing support to groups trying to improve the state of education in rural and economically backward areas in India. Education is best gift to any child my parents gave it me and everyone deserves. So I commit to climb Mt. Baker with Asha in July 2021 and raise funds for education for underprivileged please join me is this beautiful effort and lets give every child a chance to flourish

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