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Biking was a necessity and an integral part of my early life, however it became meaningful after I joined team Asha biking program in April 2016. Biking with this team every weekend for hours and for a cause, is altogether an exciting experience. The final challenge of this journey is to do STP in 2 days, which is a 204 miles ride to Portland.
This ride would be a fund raiser for Asha, an organization that believes in the well-acclaimed actuality that child’s education is the single best investment that any society can make. I was thrilled to let this along with the sense of accomplishment be my motivation for completing this ride. So, I request you to help me and support Asha’s fundraising efforts. Every single dollar of your donation will go towards bringing education to underprivileged children in India. I will also match dollar to dollar of your donation. Once again every dollar, and every helping hand counts so please donate generously.
Why Asha for Education?
Asha is a “Zero overhead” organization, completely driven by volunteers (including the administrative expenses) ensuring 100% of your donations are sent to our partner groups in India. Beginning as an organization working to bring education to underprivileged children, Asha’s mission today has grown to rejuvenating the entire community these children live in and holistically improve not just their own lives but those of their families as well.

You can donate using the “Donate Now” link on this page or you can hand over cash or checks made to “Asha for Education”. If your employer matches your donation like Microsoft does, it will be doubled instantly.
Let’s help bring in the equality one change at a time.

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Asha for Education is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization.
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