To expand our learning and knowledge base and also to create volunteer awareness about the current socio-economic issues of India, we have decided to hold regular workshop meetings. We hope that these workshops, along with the intensive discussion sessions with the “Advocacy” focus group, will be a great learning experience for all volunteers, old or new. These workshops also will foster interaction with peer volunteers and serve as a conduit for the exchange of ideas between different projects.

This page will provide information regarding the past and upcoming workshops

 March 21, 2016Synopsis
December 7, 2008Synopsis
March 2, 2008Synopsis
July 8, 2007Synopsis
February 24, 2007Synopsis
November 19, 2006Synopsis
June 18, 2006Synopsis
March 12, 2006Synopsis
January 15, 2006Agenda / Synopsis
November 12-13, 2005Agenda / Synopsis
April 24, 2005Agenda / Synopsis