Climb Fundraiser FAQs

Climb for Asha fundraiser FAQs

How should I sign up?
You will need to submit an application (link shared via email after info session, scheduled earlier in the year) before the due date.

  • For climbs to Baker, Shuksan, Rainier, and Glacier Peak –
    Info Session – Early January
    Application Deadline is Jan 20
  • For Kilimanjaro and Everest Base Camp –
    Info Session – March End/Early April
    Application Deadline is April 15

Express your interest by sending an email to for more details on our information sessions.

What is a typical process for registering for a certain climb?
Once applications are received from potential climbers, the climbing committee will review them. Based on experience and your choice you will be either registered for the climb you chose or advised for some different climb options.
Steps to registration:

  • Show your interest via email, attendance to an information session and signing up to show your interest in climbing with us.
  • Receive a link to application form via email, please submit them with as much detailed information as possible before the deadline.
  • Wait until we get in touch after shortlisting the applicants. We will contact all who have applied.
  • Attend the welcoming session to pay the guiding fees, sign the waiver & commitment form and know more about the immediate gear needs and training schedule.
  • Go out and get conditioned to live the dream.

What if I have a conflict or got injured and can’t climb this year? or What is the cancellation policy?
– You will receive a refund for admin fee only based on cancellation date (see below for more details). You will still need to raise a minimum fundraising amount as stated in your commitment form. Please take a look at the guiding fees/fundraising target section below.

Cancellation DateRefund Amount
3 months prior to the climb100% of the fees minus $200 admin cost
2 months prior to the climb70% of the fees minus $200 admin cost
1 month prior to the climb50% of the fees minus $200 admin cost
Within a month prior to the climbNo refunds

How can I fundraise?
Every year we’ve had climbers who’ve not only met their fundraising goals but surpassed it. All of the funds raised go directly to our partner projects in India working at the grassroots, every bit helps. Some tips for effective fundraising:

  • Create a public profile on Asha for Education, perhaps even on Facebook.
  • Mention Seattle Chapter – Climbing Program and your name as a reference when you choose ‘Asha for Education’ as a charity on Facebook or other online fundraisers.
  • Beware of transaction charges if there are any.
  • Make a list of all your friends, colleagues and acquaintances.
  • Send an introductory email telling them what you’re doing, what your fundraising objective is and how the funds they donate supports Asha. Also, make sure to follow up with folks who get a match to ensure they apply for it. Having a reminder to maximize our donation + our impact is a good thing.
  • After the climb, send a support email telling them you’ve accomplished your climbing goal but continue your fundraising goal. If you have a write up of your endeavor or summit photos, be sure to share them.
  • Send out a gratitude email to donors thanking them for their support, not just for your climb but contributing to the cause of Asha for Education. Share with them the links and project reports of some projects supported by Asha’s Seattle Chapter. Some examples of material to share: the GRAVIS yearly reports, or the project report of the Asha supported work from 2009 to 2019.
  • Optionally, as you go through your training and climb peaks in preparation for your climb like St. Helens, Adams, Baker, take a moment to let folks know what you’re doing in preparation for the climb.

It is good to note the following:

  • You can choose your platform to fundraise (one or all of the following, to mention a few):
    • Asha Website (see climbers profile above)
    • Facebook
    • Check Payments
    • Give Campaigns by matching companies
  • Mention Seattle Chapter – Climbing Program and your name as a reference to help us keep a tab on the funds and assign it to the correct projects associated with our climbing program and our Seattle Chapter.
  • Beware of transaction charges if there are any.

What happens to the funds I raise?
100% of the funds raised are disbursed to the organizations with whom Asha for Education, Seattle chapter partners who are working at the local level in India.

The project was initiated and largely driven by the steward of the GRAVIS project with the support of a committed team of volunteers which included climbers from the past season as well as mountaineers not directly affiliated with Asha. As such, until 2017, 50% of the funds raised through the Climb for Asha program supported various GRAVIS projects while the remaining funds supported all other Asha projects of the Seattle Chapter. Since 2018, all climb program fundraising goes to the Seattle Chapter, with GRAVIS now having a fixed annual budget. This is consistent with all the other fundraising efforts by the Asha Seattle chapter.

What is the selection criteria?
It will be based on your experience in the outdoors. Recent mountaineering, scrambling, backpacking, and hiking experiences improve your chances of selection. If you don’t have enough scrambling or rock experience, we will recommend you to take intro to rock course with our guiding partner at an additional cost of $125 or with others before the end of April.

How many spots are open for each climb?
– Mt Rainier has 9 spots available.
– Mt Baker, Mt Shuksan, and Glacier Peak have about 27 spots available, combined.
– Mount Kilimanjaro and Everest Base Camp have about 10 spots available, combined.
– Climbers registered for Mt. Rainier will be required to climb another mountain as their training before Mt. Rainier climbing dates. This could be Mount Baker.
– The total number of participants is based on the volunteer bandwidth.

What if I didn’t get selected by the deadline?
You are automatically added to our waitlist and will be contacted before the first week in February if any spot becomes vacant.

How much are the guiding fees and what is the minimum fundraising target?
One is the guiding fee that is required to fix your spot and another is the fundraising goal to achieve depending on your objective(s).

Fees Involved

Mount Baker or Shuksan* or Glacier PeakMount Rainier (with Mount Baker)Five VolcanoesMount KilimanjaroEverest Base Camp
Guiding Fees$675$1350$2000$2000*$2000*
Fundraising Goals (Total – by end of Oct)$750$1500$2000$1000$1000
Fundraising Goals (Minimum – in case of cancellations)$750/$750$1000$1500$1000$1000
Altitude Awareness TalkIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Snow SkillsIncludedIncludedIncludedN/AN/A
Rock/Scramble Skills*$125/personN/AN/AN/AN/A

*Does not include air travel costs

What are the glaciated mountains that I can climb for Asha?
Mount Rainier, Mount Baker, Mount Shuksan, Sahale Peak, Glacier Peak. If Mount Rainier is chosen, one is required to climb either Mount Baker or Mount Shuksan in the month of June before your climbing dates for Rainier.

I want to do 1-2 glaciated mountains this year and Mt Rainier next year. Can I do that?
Yes, we would prefer either of the two:

  • Glacier Peak in the first year; Baker/Shuksan in the next year before climbing Rainier.
  • Baker/Shuksan and Rainier in the first year; Glacier Peak in the following year.

When are the climbs scheduled?

  1. Camp Muir – April/May
  2. St Helens – May
  3. Mount Adams – June/July
  4. Mount Baker/Glacier Peak – June/July/Aug
  5. Mount Shuksan – Aug
  6. Mount Rainier – June 30-July 4
  7. Mount Kilimanjaro – Sept
  8. Everest Base Camp – Oct

I am signed up for the treks and/or climbs with other groups or guiding company and am looking for a team to continue to train with. Please let me know how I can be included in the training program.
It totally depends on the availability of the spots on each training hike/climb. We can certainly support you get conditioned. It is maybe good to note that some of the conditioning hikes have certain requirements based on the time of the year such as climbers carrying heavy packs or following a time to turn around and so it will be at the discretion of the volunteer leading the hike or a climb. Please contact the lead in advance to see if you can join the team on a trip.

Due to personal constraints, I cannot commit 100% but I would love to sign up for hikes, raise money and climb 1 or 2 mountains.
We would be happy to accommodate you and will have checks and balances throughout the training program to make sure we see progress in each of our climbers. We reserve the right to cancel the climb for the participant if its deemed unsafe for other climbers based on fitness levels.

Do you take minors on the climbs?
Unfortunately, we are not equipped to take any minors on our training hikes and guided trips.

For any further questions, send us an email: