Become a part of our volunteer team by engaging in chapter activities of interest to you. To get started, come to come of the chapter meetings. Visit our New Volunteer Resource Center for detailed information
Help us raise funds
Attend our fundraising events, or just make a generous donation (all the donations you make to Asha for Education for 100% tax-deductible).
Support a Specific Child, School or Project
The Asha Stars program allows a few individuals to take responsibility for a specific project. The Asha Support A School program lets you support a complete school through monthly contributions. The Asha Support A Child┬áprogram lets you support a child’s expenses through monthly contributions. You can also donate directly to a project, by clicking the Donate button at the top of the page.
Get Involved with Projects in India
To visit an Asha project, look up the contact person for the project. If you would like to volunteer in India, consider our Internship Program, or try several other organizations.
Become a friend of Asha
Don’t want to join the volunteer team, but want to help Asha? You can, by organizing a fund raiser for Asha, talking about Asha, hosting a project. Please see Friends of Asha for ways in which you can help Asha and to know how other friends of Asha are helping.