Climbing Mount Rainier and/or 5 Volcanoes in Washington State

#Train Educate Empower

Team Asha Climbing Program helps individuals to train and get ready physically and mentally for the climbs. The climbs to these peaks are guided and our guiding partner is Miyar Adventures. The participants get to form new friends and have a feel of a community while learning trail etiquette, training regime, new skills such as traveling on snow, rock, climbs to Camp Muir, atop Mount St. Helens and Mount Adams in their training plan before climbing their objective climbs listed below.

Guiding + Asha Service Cost + Snow Skills: $1300 + $200 + $100 = $1600(1)

Fundraising Goal: $1500(1+)

Skill/Fitness Needs: High Endurance Basic Climb(2)(3+)

  • June 26:
    • Start early from Seattle, drive to Paradise (6000 Ft)
    • Submit proof of registration, get ready and start hiking
    • Reach upper base camp (Ingraham Flats at 11,200 Ft) by evening
    • Setup Camp. Dinner
  • June 27:
    • Rest Day, practice more snow skills
    • Hydrate, eat and sleep early
    • Wake up 11 pm, Gear-up and start climbing by mid-night
  • June 28:
    • Summit early morning, enjoy the moment! (Summit 14,411 Ft)
    • Climb down to base camp
  • June 29:
    • Pack up tents & climb down all the way to Paradise, drive back to Seattle

Guiding + Asha Service Cost + Snow Skills: $2725 + $400 + $100 = $3225(1)

Fundraising Goal: $2500(1++)

Skill/Fitness Needs: High Endurance Basic Climb(2)(3+)

  • Day -1:
    • Drive from Seattle to Marble Mountain Sno-Park.
    • Set up tents in the parking lot
    • Dinner
  • Day 1: 12 miles, 5000’ Gain
    • Pack up tents
    • Get geared, hike to summit
    • Hydrate, eat along the way
    • Climb down, drive back to Seattle

Mount Adams South Climb
Total 12 miles with 6700 ft of elevation

  • Day -1:
    • Leave Seattle early morning to Mt Adams
    • Get the permit from the Rangers station
    • Get to the trailhead and start hiking
    • Setup camp at the Lunch Counter
  • Day 2:
    • Next day, early start and head to the summit via Piker’s Peak
    • Return back from the summit and pack up tent
    • Head down the mountain
    • Head back to Seattle

(1) The Asha cost component which is $200 for Rainer and $400 for 5 volcanoes  is non refundable.
(1+) In case the registered participant cannot attend this objective hike, s/he shall pledge to raise a minimum of $1000. This will be waived for documented medical emergencies only. No exceptions.

(1++) In case the registered participant cannot attend this objective hike, s/he shall pledge to raise a minimum of $1500. This will be waived for documented medical emergencies only. No exceptions.
(2) The participant/athlete should commit to train and be ready for 4 mile trail at a pace of 2 mph with a gain of 3000 feet in a day and with a 30 lb-backpack on them.

(3+) The participant/athlete should also train to be able to hike about 14 miles in a day at a pace of 2 mph with a total gain of 7000 feet wearing a 40 lb-backpack at the start of the day. The following day, the participant should be recovered to do (2)
(4) Does not apply here.
(5) Does not apply here.
(6) Above timeline is subject to change depending on the weather considerations.
(7) The route selection is solely decided by our guiding partner depending on the snow conditions on the mountain and that may be deem necessary based on hazard evaluations considered for the trip.

  • Pay the amount fee via Venmo/Zelle to Once you have transferred the money, please email the screenshot of the receipt to
  • Includes permits for Baker climb and an experience trip to Mount Adams (depending on conditions)
  • Includes Stoves/Cook kits, tents (Baker trip only), group climbing equipment, guide services
  • Includes Pre-trip Planning/Information session on packing & gear
  • Includes Backpacking, mountaineering, and general outdoor safety skills
  • Includes one-day instructional day learning skills on a snow slope
  • Includes $100 service fee per mountain that goes to Asha for replenishing emergency gear, t-shirts and permit fee for your training hikes/climbs.
    Note: This service fee is $200 for Mount Rainier as the permit fees is higher for this climb.
  • Does not include Mount Rainier Climbing Cost Recovery Fee (Mount Rainier NP Annual Climbing Fee)
  • Does not include transportation
  • Does not include tents for a trip to Mount Adams or Mount Saint Helens
  • Does not include lunch, snacks or dinner
  • Does not include gratuities for guides
  • Does not account towards your fundraising goal.