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Asha is empowering kids in India to break the cycle of poverty by providing education, improving mental and emotional health and developing skills that enable kids to fulfill their dreams, instead of spending their childhood working.

In India, Asha runs various ceentres in under-served rural areas with high levels of unedcation and illiteracy. Asha  provides a daily meal, education and care to children. They also work to improve living conditions with the local areas, tackling the root causes of poverty.

Fundraising for Asha means your money goes directly to causes for children and women

That’s what sets them apart.

You can help Asha with this cause right now, clicking the donate button. Every small donation makes a difference. It all adds up to provide a bright future for a child.

About me: 

To say that I feel blessed and fortunate to pursue my dreams in US would be an understatement, especially, when kids in India sacrifice their dreams and childhood to make ends meet.

Therefore, driven by my passion towards adventure, hiking, nature and empathy towards the under-served, I am turning my personal challenge to a cause that is bigger than all of us. I am taking this opportunity to further the mission of Asha, an organization that focuses on education.

My goal is to raise $1100 on top of my personal contributions to the cause and I humbly request your support to further the cause and make a difference.

You can help me with this cause right now, by donating by clicking the donate button. No amount is too small or too big, $10 or $100, it all adds up to provide a bright future for a child.


  • Microsoft employees can donate by selecting “Asha for Education, Seattle Chapter” on http://give page and adding a comment “Team Asha Climb 2017 : Harneet Singh”. Please let me know when you donate so that I can track it.
  • Employer Matching: If you donate using this page and your employer provides matching donations, please submit a match request to them too and let me know. All your Donations are Tax deductible.



1100 USD Target
675 USD Raised
8 Supporters
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Asha for Education is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization.
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