Story of Krishna Halder

Champa Mahila Society is an organization based in the small town of Basanti, Sunderban, near Kolkata in India. It was founded in 1984 and currently runs 32 non-formal schools, in addition to an orphanage, a women’s support group, and a healthcare center. Asha for Education is one of the sponsors of CMS. Below is a story of one of the many people who have a better life, thanks to CMS and Asha for Education:

My name is Krishna Halder. I am a physically-challenged student. I was born in a very poor family. I was shunned by society, because of my disability. My parents were too poor to send me to school, but I was determined to be educated.

In my quest to go to school, I met Mr. Amal, who referred me to an organization called “Champa Mahila Society”. CMS which was funded by Asha for Education, admitted me into their special-needs children program. I passed Secondary and Higher Secondary examinations in First Class. This enabled me to enroll into the Philosophy (Hons.) Program at Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandir. I graduated from this program in 2017 with excellent marks and the Swami Adbhutananda Gold Medal. I am currently a student of a Masters’ Program and have passed the West Bengal College Service Commission examination.

My academic success would never have been possible if I hadn’t had access to education. I am really thankful to the organization, “Asha For Education, Seattle Chapter” for their financial   support, over the years. Mr. Amal, Suma Di, Aparajita Di, Swati Di, Padmanava Da, and the hermits of Ramkrishna Mission, Belur Math, have been my constant sources of inspiration. Asha for Education inspires me to give back to society, in any way I can.
Thank you,

Krishna Halder.

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