Narasimman & Jamuna

When we moved to Seattle in 2011, we used to go for long trips in car and used to look at the peaks all around us with wonder.  The changing seasons make the appearance awesome.  We joined Asha for Biking and completed the STP in 2017 which gave an all round training that made the final ride enjoyable.  We heard about Kilimanjaro and Everest Base Camp few times and wanted to achieve that too.  We started training and enjoyed the hike.  The trails taught us how to lose in the surroundings and become one with the nature.  The tiresome climbs gave us immense satisfaction of achievement.  The transformation happened both internally and externally.  When we climbed Mailbox for the first time we couldn’t even walk for 1 hour.  But at the end of the training, we could reach the peak.

We signed up for Kilimanjaro as it is the highest achievement within the short period of training.  We both like to travel and do adventures.  This trip is going to be both.  It is a long standing wish to see wild animals in their natural habitat.  Also Africa is one of the continents we haven’t visited and want to visit.  We are confident that the training we received from Asha will make us to achieve this goal and set new goals.

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Asha is a “minimal overhead” organization, driven by volunteers (including the administrative expenses) ensuring that more than 95% of your donations are sent to our partner groups in India. Asha for Education has consistently secured a 100% rating on Charity Navigator, a well established database that evaluates non-profit organizations on the basis of transparency, accountability and financial parameters.

I am asking you to make whatever contribution you think is appropriate. Any amount no matter how small helps to provide a brighter future for someone in need.. All donations are tax deductible, and the organization is registered with many corporate employers for donation matching programs. My goal is to raise 750$. With your donation please add the following comment – “Team Asha Climber 2018 – Adwait”. Thank you so much for your support!

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