Welcome to Team Asha – Seattle

Team Asha is a sports program organized by Asha for Education (Asha) that gives the chance to individuals of all ages to discover the magical benefits of physical activities like running and biking including but not limited to an active and healthy lifestyle. All that while helping raise funds for projects supported by Asha in India. Team Asha aims to provide every runner, every biker, every climber with the means to change their own lives and make a positive difference in the life of thousands of underprivileged children in India. It provides the necessary coaching and support system for both the experienced and beginner athletes. All our runners that have completed their training have been successful in running marathons of their choice.Our expert Coach and mentors add a personal touch to the training and help you with not just running a marathon but leading a healthy lifestyle as well.

Team Asha Seattle has three different programs. Running,Biking and Climbing. Running program is aimed at training the walkers and runners are varied fitness levels to finish a marathon safe and strong. We train for different races local to Washington state all through the year. The bikers train for Seattle To Portland (STP) bike ride which covers 204 miles. Some of our committed volunteers have taken up climbing and have summitted Mt. Rainier. If you are interested in any of the programs, please contact us at seattle.teamasha@ashanet.org.

Bike for Asha
Team Asha Biking program is a fundraiser for Asha for Education, Seattle, where participants take part in various endurance ride events like STP, RSVP. Participants experience the unique challenge and inspiration of training for and cycling cross-country, while raising funds for a good cause. It is a true opportunity for tremendous personal accomplishment and a tangible contribution to the cause that can be taken up by people from all walks
of life
Climb for Asha
Team Asha Climb program is a fundraiser for Asha for Education, Seattle, where participants train all spring and summer for summit attempts to some of the biggest peaks in the Pacific northwest like Mt Rainier, Mt.Baker, Mt.Olympus, Mt. Adams and St.Helens. Participants start with different hiking experiences and by the end of training season, experience some of the unique challenges in glacier climbs and become mountaineers, while raising funds for a good cause.
Run for Asha
Team Asha marathon program is a fundraiser for Asha, where participants take part in various local full/half marathons. 18 of our Team Asha runners just ran half marathon at Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon. Our Season II will start training soon for Seattle Marathon/Half Marathon/10k and 5k races.
 Email: seattle.biking@ashanet.org Email: seattle.climbing@ashanet.orgEmail: seattle.running@ashanet.org

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