Run 2016

Team Asha Marathon Program

Team Asha Marathon program is a fundraiser for Asha for Education, Seattle where participants take part in various races (like Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon, Seattle Marathon etc). Participants experience the unique challenge and inspiration of training for long distance running, while raising funds for a good cause. It is a true opportunity for tremendous personal accomplishment and a tangible contribution to the cause that can be taken up by people from all walks of life.

The Seattle chapter of Asha started the training program in 2003, in which three rookie runners completed their marathons and raised over $9k. Asha is one of the official partners of Seattle Marathon since year 2007. This is our 13th year and the program will run throughout the year. Our overall target is to raise $25K

The Cause

Asha for Education is a secular organization dedicated to socio – economic change in India by focusing on basic education. Asha is a 100% volunteer driven non-profit organization.

A diverse group of highly-committed volunteers from each of the chapters take personal interest in researching and identifying education-related projects in India, mobilizing the necessary funds and nurturing them right from inception to when it is fully functional. Although the primary focus is on education, Asha also addresses issues affecting human life such as health care, environmental concerns and women’s issues. Over the years, Asha has succeeded in touching the lives of thousands of children through its various educational initiatives and projects. Asha will continue to evolve in keeping with the needs of the hour and the needs of our country.

2016 Runners

Gowri B

Milan Nair

Neha and Vaijanath

Ram Kotti and Kalyan Kaki

Rahul Pillalamarri

Shilpa Shah

SrinivasĀ Puvvada

Sridhar Dhandapantula

Sridhar Madhugiri

Swati Kanaujia