Climb for Asha

People do not decide to become extraordinary. They decide to accomplish extraordinary things.

–Sir Edmund Hillary

Building on last few years’ achievement, this year too, some members of the Seattle community have come forward to do something extraordinary for Asha Seattle. Sandeep Nain from Miyar Adventures, has offered to guide Team Asha climbers up some of the most challenging mountains in the Pacific Northwest. They are doing this to raise funds for Asha for Education, Seattle chapter.

While Asha Seattle does have a long-standing marathon and biking training program, climbing program is one of the most popular Team Asha programs, that a group of interest hikers and climbers are taking the initiative to raise funds for Asha Seattle via climbing. They have trained very hard for months by themselves and it’s time to attempt Rainier Summit. You can read more about them in their individual profiles.

Sir Hillary also said that it is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves. We hope that this initiative will inspire more members of the climbing community to join hands with Asha Seattle in conquering the challenges of bringing about socio-economic change in the lives of underprivileged community in India.

2017 Climbers

  1. Aditya Kumar
  2. Ankit Sultania
  3. Arjun Prasad Dasarakothapalli
  4. Balaji Sridharan
  5. Harneet Singh
  6. Jatan Modi
  7. Jyoti Brahnmath
  8. Jignesh Kacharia
  9. Kaushik Gurumurthy
  10. Krishna Darbha
  11. Karuna Sagar Krishna
  12. Kuldeep Singh Sigroha
  13. Lokendra Singh Panwar
  14. Manoj Namodurai
  15. Narendrasinh Parmar
  16. Parag Kacharia
  17. Pragya Anand, Prama Anand, Nirmalok Singh
  18. Pushkar Basappa
  19. Rinku Jain
  20. Sara Santos
  21. Venu MamillaPalli
  22. Vikas Singh
  23. Vinod Kumar